Week 8: Find your work out “style”.

According to the Mayo clinic, Exercise can improve your mood, stamina and sex life. How many more reasons do you need to get moving?

In addition to last week’s “confessional” about how easy accountability can be with some of the aps available now, I also want to be sure to stress two more things: First of all, these changes are NOT part of a diet, or new “program” that you are doing and will be quitting… they have to be a change to your lifestyle! And secondly, you can’t JUST get your eating in check and expect MAJOR changes. While you may see some initial GOOD results, your food intake AND exercise MUST be aligned for GREAT results.

So, I’m going to help you out a little. Let’s identify your work out “style” which will make it easier for you to stick to it. So, to start, please take the below Seventeen-Magazine-Style-Quiz:

1. What motivates you to work out?
A. When I feel like people are watching me, I do better.
B. When I know I am meeting someone, I’m more likely to go.
C. Convenience is key.

2. What’s your biggest challenge to get up and go workout?
A. I MUST get out of my house.
B. I MUST have someone call me, or meet someone there. I really won’t go on my own.
C. If it’s not easy and time efficient, I simply won’t do it.

3. What types of workouts do you enjoy?
A. I love options. Some days the treadmill, other days something new?
B. I love routine. Will someone please just tell me what to do?
C. Something that is over quickly.

4. What are you financially willing to invest in a workout program?
A. Monthly fees are fine. I can commit to a year.
B. Let’s start with one session. I can commit to 6 weeks, and the financial skin in the game will motivate me.
C. I have very little money to spend on this.

Time to tally up your score. In true cheesy magazine style, your answer of course is obvious before you’re even done answering the questions:

Mostly A’s = Gym Rat.
If this is you, join a gym! No, it doesn’t mean you will look like Arnold Schwarzenegger at the end of this, it just likely means you are motivated by getting out of the house and physically going to a place specifically designed for working out. Many places now have quite a few classes included with membership, so if you were a combination of A’s and B’s, this could be a great option for you. Many gyms also have complimentary personal trainer sessions when you join. One of the greatest things about the gym is their options for variety in cardio and weight training equipment.

Mostly B’s = Group Therapy.
If this is you? You are likely motivated by the social aspects of working out, or perhaps just someone making it simple by telling you what to do. You could join a local yoga studio, find a local boot camp group, Curves (one of the most effective group programs I have done), or for a lower budget version partner up with a neighbor to walk in your neighborhood. If you have even more of a budget, you can even hire a personal trainer, the ultimate in personal accountability!

Mostly C’s = Homeward Bound.
If this is you, make a small investment in some cheap tools to outfit your home. This CAN be the most cost effective of the options, but do note you will need extra motivation to steer away from the popcorn on the couch in favor of your yoga mat and workout DVD. If you are not a naturally motivated individual, I’d suggest another option! As you likely guessed from my last post, this is me! As a working mama of two, time is of the essence, so I have found working out at home to be one of the best ways to be able to fit it all in. It cuts out all that wasted time driving to the gym, and I can even squeeze it in with napping kids or after bedtime. As you know I have been on a Jillian Michaels video kick, but there are many other video options, on demand workouts, running outside, or a friend of mine even found a great youtube program that was like having a personal trainer on his computer. 

Notice as we walked through all of these options, the questions did not focus on WHAT you do, but what motivates you to do it. There are so many options these days, find what works with your lifestyle. It is vital whether you are a Gym Rat, Group Therapy or Homeward Bound that you mix cardio and weight lifting. Cardio will help you burn calories and lose weight, but weight training will help you build muscle, which means you will be burning more calories even when you are at rest.

Your challenge this week? Find a workout program… wait… No, find a workout LIFESTYLE that fits you!

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