Like every other year, many of us make resolutions every January 1st to be healthier. Your inspiration could be losing weight, fitting into those skinny jeans you keep in the back of your closet, or maybe you are truly just trying to get healthier regardless of the physical changes that may accompany that. This year, I am starting a blog aimed at helping my family and friends to get healthier. I think lots of people intend to get healthier, but don’t always know how. This blog will be written with a weekly challenge. There is no pass or fail, no one will be measuring you, weighing you or quizzing you on your weekly behavior. My hope is I can share some simple suggestions, and that when you try them you’ll start to feel so great, you’ll want to keep some of them up. I want to share m own passion on a topic developed from years and years of reading, trying new diets, and my personal quest to get healthier. I’ll provide the suggestions, but you, the reader need to bring your own passion and an open mind to try. My greatest hope is not that we all conform to my ideals, but that you can learn ways to listen to your own body, and define your best route to get (and stay!) healthy in 2013 and beyond.


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  1. Alli Barmann says:

    Amanda – good for you!! Very impressed with your initiative to get a blog started and I absolutely love the topic. I share a passion for this topic! Look forward to reading.

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